The Museum of Design and Applied Art is a dynamic museum that enhances awareness, inspires and creates opportunities related to Icelandic design by collecting, archiving and sharing Icelandic design from the year 1900 to the present day. The museum serves as a platform for a community that is involved in these matters and utilizes access to the knowledge and facilities of the museum. This community actively participates in shaping the museum along with our guests and staff.

Today, the museum building is divided into 6 spaces with different emphases and possibilities:

1. Exhibition Hall 2nd. floor. Where the permanent exhibition is set up.

2. Residency Workshop. Designers stay here for 3-4 months at a time. Guests and museum staff gain insight into the design process and craftsmanship. The designers sell their works through the museum shop and often offer workshops related to their residency.

3. The Platform is a small exhibition space that was put into use in 2022. It provides a venue for smaller exhibitions and serves as a collaborative platform for designer associations.

4. The Workshop is a spacious and bright room that was taken into use in 2019 especially for school visits, where specially designed workshops related to the museum’s exhibitions are offered. The space is also used for open workshops, lectures, meetings and other activities.

5. Behind the scenes. Used museum-related activities such as archiving and research projects. The space is also lent to external researchers conducting studies related to the museum’s subject matter. It is an open research space where guests have access and can learn as well as share knowledge on the subject.

6. The Museum Shop offers a carefully curated selection of Icelandic design products along with books related to the museum’s exhibitions and collection.

About the Museum – Interview in English with director Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir

Photograph: Studio Fræ