Welcome to the opening of Lilý Erla Adamsdóttir’s exhibition, Wall Flowers. The exhibition is a “visit” to the ongoing exhibition At Home in the Design Museum. People’s need to decorate and transform their homes often result in constant flux. Lily Erla is known for her textile works, but lately, she has been developing wall drawings reminiscent of wallpaper but hand-drawn directly on the walls.
Welcome to the housewarming party with the goldsmith Marta Staworowska who will be the designer in residence at the museum until 5th of May. Marta is a trained landscape architect as well as a goldsmith. Filigree plays an important part in her work and visitors will be able to observe her design process and working methods during the stay.
Gunnar Steinn and friends will be playing jazz on the second floor between 20-21, while DJ Kjörk keeps the vibe going at Marta’s housewarming party.