The fashion designer Signý Þórhalldóttir comes up with a work space in the Icelandic Design Museum’s collection store and will continue to develop her product line MORRA. The housewarming party will be held on 17 June. Check. 14. June 17, the festival celebration of Garðabær will be held in Garaðtorg and therefore life and animation in the square. The Design Museum is free of charge and therefore ideal to check out.

Today, MORRA consists of silk scarves and frescoes on paper, where the Icelandic flora plays a leading role, and now new products will be added this summer.

For centuries, flora has proved to be artists and designed an infinite source. We at the Icelandic Design Museum believed that the name Morra was a reference to Morris (William Morris). It was certainly not the idea, but the name goes from the verb to the crunch. It is, however, not unlikely that this is an unconscious reference to Morris famous for his floral pattern. He traveled around Iceland in 1871 and 1873 and called the country the “most romantic desert in the world”. Icelandic flora has changed little since then, although the landscape in production and the design process has changed with new printing and computer technology.

Signý graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts with a BA degree in fashion design in 2011. After graduation, she applied for experience both in New York and London with designers such as Zöndru Rhodes and Vivienne Westwood, where she worked for three years in designing clothing and patterns for Japanese market. Signý strives to work on the boundaries of clothing and print design.