Marta Staworowska has been in residency at the museum since beginning of February. We invite you to come and celebrate with us what she has been designing and making during her stay.
Marta is a trained landscape architect and goldsmith. Before moving to Iceland, six years ago, she worked for the Polish army and was stationed in Afghanistan. She graduated earlier this year as a goldsmith from Tækniskólinn in Reykjavík and currently works at Aurum as a goldsmith. Dóra Jónsdóttir, a filigree master, introduced Marta to the making of filigree and encouraged her to pursue studies in goldsmithing. Filigree is the common thread in Marta’s work. The technique can be traced back to, ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Filigree also plays an important part in the Icelandic national custom. The motifs are often based on flowers and plants which relates to Marta´s background in landscape architecture. Designers continue to explore the potential of this delicate craftsmanship in contemporary jewelry.