In connection with the exhibition At home in the Design Museum we will be hosting two lectures on kitchen culture offering some tasting as part of the experience. The lectures will take place in Icelandic.

1:00 PM Halldóra Arnardóttir presents the lecture: Kristín Guðmundsdóttir, a home economist. The kitchen as a cultural phenomenon.

Kristín Guðmundsdóttir (1923-2016) was the first Icelander to pursue higher education in interior design. In June 1943, she boarded the Brúarfoss, which sailed across the Atlantic and docked in New York on July 21. Kristín graduated from Northwestern University in Chicago in 1946 and continued her education at the New York School of Interior Decoration. She returned to Iceland in 1947 with Loftleiðir and began to disseminate her ideas about the organization of homes, kitchens, and rooms, focusing on concepts such as economy, convenience, and beauty. Her goal was to enhance the quality of life for all households.

Halldóra Arnardóttir is an art historian and curator who wrote a book about Kristín Guðmundsdóttir in 2015, published by Hið íslenska bókmenntafélag.

2:00 PM Sigrún Hanna Þorgrímsdóttir presents the lecture: The best party is always in the kitchen

In her presentation, Sigrún discusses her research from 2007 on kitchen design from the resident’s perspective. The goal was to explore how the dismantling of walls, transforming kitchen consumption into open spaces, aligns with changing needs, values, and expectations for contemporary homes.

Sigrún Hanna is an ethnologist specializing in material culture and domestic practices. She is interested in how different participants influence the constant shaping and reshaping of living structures in everyday life.

Admission to the museum applies.

Photograph: Kristín Guðmundsdóttir was the first Icelander to pursue higher education in interior design.”