“Up through the atmosphere! Up where the sky is clear! Let’s go, fly a kite”

Lend wings to your ideas and learn to build your own kite at the Design Museum! This family workshop is led by designer and artist-teacher Arite Fricke.

Arite completed her M.A. studies in Design from Iceland University of the Arts in 2015, adding an art teacher diploma the following year. She had previously studied graphic design and sign making in Germany. Arite currently teaches art at Urriðaholtsskóli elementary school as well as finalizing her M.ed. in art teaching at the University of Iceland.

“Artist- Teachers look for ways to nurture their own work; this is out of a strong belief in the impact of personal development on effective teaching. It is also inspired by teachers’ enthusiasm to continually update their subject knowledge and to situate this within student’s cultural understandings.”

Dr Esther Sayers