VIRTUAL WATERS by Hrund Atladóttir can be experienced on the Platform. The work is made in connection with the current exhibition BATHING CULTURE.

When we dive into water, we enter another dimension. Our perception changes and we shut ourselves off from the world and our worries. The weightlessness helps the mind wander and the water clears our head. Some people feel vulnerable in the swimming pool. Underwater we are deprived of oxygen and on the bank we are half naked.

In European culture, water nymphs are the protectors of fresh water, which is the basis for life to thrive. Water nymphs can be found in fountains, streams, rivers and lakes. In Iceland they can of course be found in swimming pools. Can we experience another dimension through virtual reality? Please help yourself and dive in.

Virtual waters by Hrund Atladóttir
Water nymphs: Alda Daníelsdóttir, Eydís Brynja Björnsdóttir, Hrund Atladóttir
Costumes: Auður Ösp Guðmundsdóttir
Light: Hekla, 1962. Pétur B. Lúthersson og Jón Ólafsson