Sigmundur graduated from the fashion design program at the Icelandic University of the Arts in 2019. He has experience in innovative patternmaking, design, natural dyeing and sustainable solutions in textile design. He aims to develop new sustainable systems for modern clothing design and sustainable production, using Icelandic resources.

Sigmundur will be based in the research space of the museum this summer giving an insight into the research and design process.

We seldom think about the origin of colours in textiles, and most are chemical. The project shows the large range of colours one can produce from natural material from Icelandic environment. Over the last year Sigmundur has experimented with over 40 different types of material to produce natural colours in textile, from plants, seaweed and food waste. The outcome is a comprehensive series of natural colours from Icelandic environment. The aim of the project is to explore possibilities of Icelandic natural dyeing as an environmentally friendly alternative to dye textiles for modern design. The project is based on Icelandic traditions in natural dyeing and looks towards the future for how we develop better knowledge of what Iceland can give in this respect.