Lilý Erla Adamsdóttir (b. 1985) graduated in Fine Arts from The Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2011. In 2017 she completed an MA in textile art from Textilhögskolan í Borås.

Her work combines design, craftmanship and fine art.

In recent years Lilý Erla has focused on textile pieces created using tufting techniques. She describes this work as “paintings” or “dancing embroidery”. During the residency Lilý Erla will dedicate her time to wall drawings, something she has been developing lately.
From a distance the drawings resemble wallpaper, but upon closer inspection one discovers they are hand drawn directly on the wall. Viewers perceive the adventure and courage in the dancing drawings but drawing on walls is taboo in most homes so they have a subversive element.


In December Lilý Erla has been invited for a “visit” to the
exhibition entitled At Home in the Design Museum where she will
apply her lively drawings on the walls.