Icelandic Visual Language is the title of Guðmundur Oddur Magnússon’s ongoing research project on the history of applied graphic arts in Iceland.Opening will be held the 24th of March from 17–19.

Shortly after the publication of Guðbrandur’s Bible, the first complete translation of the Bible into Icelandic, in the 16th century, imagery and text became separated. They did not meet again in printed matter until late in the 19th century – following on from freedom of the press. In his research Guðmundur Oddur traces the start of this reunion of imagery and text, and explores the first generation who founded the Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers in the 1950s.

The workshop is a vibrant spot where the research project is pursued day-to-day. Visual resources are explored and designers‘ original pieces are catalogued in the collection of the Museum of Design and Applied Art. From March to July 2020 a range of findings will be presented in the form of micro-exhibitions and mindmaps. The results of the work will also be mediated through dialogues, lectures and seminars, which will be advertised in due course.

The project is funded in part by The Icelandic Research Fund and carried out in collaboration with the Museum of Design and Applied Art, the National and University Library of Iceland and the Iceland University of the Arts.