The municipality of Garðabær in cooperation with the Iceland Design Centre held a competition this spring on a design for a new welcoming crest or logo to mark the entrance to the town. The competition was open to designers and artists and was organized by the Iceland Design Centre.

The exhibition includes all 14 submissions. A jury panel chose the winning proposal which was announced on Garðabær’s anniversary on 3 September, the same day the exhibition opened. The winning proposal came from Teiknistofan Tröð and was created by Sigríður Magnúsdóttir architect FAÍ, Hans-Olav Andersen architect FAÍ, Magnús Andersen photographer and Nína Solveig Andersen.

The competition called for ideas for a new welcoming crest to be posted at entrance points into Garðabær. The crest is intended to draw attention to Garðabær and to mark out the area that belongs to the town. The crest is meant to mark entrance points at the town’s borders as well as create a theme that can be used in various ways such as in making objects of art, stationary, websites etc. Last New Year marked the 40th anniversary of Garðabær’s municipal rights. The unveiling of the crest is part of the anniversary celebrations.

The jury panel members were:
Sigríður Hulda Jónsdóttir, president of the town council of Garðabær and chair of the jury panel
Hara Þórsdóttir, director of the Museum of Design and Applied Art
Hildigunnur Gunnarsdóttir, graphic designer FÍT
Hringur Hafsteinsson, creative director at Gagarín
Michael Blikdal Erichsen, architect at T.ark