This time it is the creative studio duo AND ANTIMATTER (&AM) that will set up their workspace in our museum shop.

Founded by lovers and collaborators Þórey Björk Halldórsdóttir & Baldur Björnsson &AM explores the space/fields between design and art through objects and experiences.

Þórey Björk is a fashion designer by training and Baldur is a visual artist and electronic musician. Their style is to work cross disciplines.

During their residency they will create new work where the term “product line” will be explored and exploded. The product line will spark from textile “jacquard” which they developed in collaboration with the Dutch textile company EE Exclusives. 3-D printer for clay is one of the tools they will be experimenting with and furniture, music and alcohol will be among the final products of the product line. They will collaborate with friends from different fields and the end result will then be displayed during Designmarch 2019 in Gróttuviti which is a lighthouse in Seltjarnarnes.

Guests can buy work from Þórey ad Baldur during their stay.

So this exhibition is really about preparing another exhibition!