Nína Gautadóttir graduated in Fine Arts from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in 1976. She has lived and worked in Paris for most of her life, apart from a couple of years in Niger and a year in Cameroon. Nína always spends summers in Iceland and these places have greatly influenced her work.

Her woven pieces are usually big and bold, and she has developed her own weaving method over the years using diverse materials.

“I use the language of thread. Thread is universal and forges a link between human beings. Since early history of civilizations, humans have been using thread for survival, decoration and pleasure. My field of fibre art draws on ancient textile skills to interpret them in new ways with new materials.
Fluctuating between the sculptural, the pictorial and the spatial, using my own combination of embroidering and other traditional crafts, I experiment with personal artistic and poetic associations.”

Sunday August 27 at 15:00 we will celebrate the work created during the residency.