Please join us to celebrate the publication of a book on Kristín Þorkelsdóttir´s design career Sunday the 31th of October at 13. The book is published by Angústúra. An exhibition of Kristín´s work is currently on display in the Museum of Design and Applied Art.
Few designers in Iceland have created as many works that are present in Icelanders’ daily life as Kristín Þorkelsdóttir. Her work can be seen in the most mundane of places—in refrigerators, inside bags or at the dinner table—or in locations as inaccessible as the Central Bank’s vaults.
Curators, authors and designers of the book, Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir, Birna Geirfinnsdóttir and Arnar Freyr Guðmundsson, will give a lecture (in Icelandic) on the content of the book. The lecture which start at 13.00 followed by a publication party at 14:00.
The authors of the book are Bryndís Björvinsdóttir, author and folklorist, and Birna Geirfinnsdóttir, book designer. Both hold the position of associate professor at The Iceland Academy of the Arts.
StudioStudio (Arnar Freyr Guðmundsson, Birna Geirfinnsdóttir) designed the book which counts 240 pages.