Objects from the Museum of Design and Applied Art at the Nordic House and Hannesarholt in June

Selected objects from the collection of the Museum of Design and Applied Art will be on display  from June 17th – June 22nd, celebrating Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Prince Daniel who will visit Iceland on June 18th and 19th.  

In the Nordic House and Hannesarholt are on display objects from the Swedish glass gift, given to the Museum of Design and Applied Art ten years ago by King Carl XIV Gustaf of Sweden when visiting Iceland with his wife, Queen Silvia and their daughter, Crown Princess Victoria. These objects form a valuable foundation in the Museum’s collection. The glass objects are a stunning example of Swedish glass art by contemporary artists, generously given to the Icelandic Museum.

Furniture by Icelandic designers from the Museum's collection will also be on display in the Nordic House. All of the furniture on display was designed by Icelanders and manufactured in Sweden for an international market. For years, Icelandic design has received much support from Sweden in the form of manufacturing. This exhibition provides a chance to see objects by some of Iceland's best known designers.  

The designers are: Sigurður Gústafsson - Källemo, Sigríður Heimisdóttir - IKEA, Katrína Ólína Pétursdóttir (with Michael Young) - Swedese and Chuck Mack - Design  House Stockholm.