Ethnologist Sigrún Hanna Þorgrímsdóttir will give the talk Home is a slow event at the Design Museum, Sunday, March 19 at 1 p.m. Admission to the lecture and the exhibition The Design Museum as a Home is free.

The subject of the lecture is domestic customs and contemporary material culture. In the essay, the home is examined from an ethnographic perspective, in a holistic context and as an interwoven process of different tangible and intangible elements. Everyday aesthetics, sensory impressions and homely atmosphere will be touched upon, along with the constant struggle with the chaos that takes place within the walls of the home from day to day.

The home is created in a network of different threads, it is a complex phenomenon and incomprehensible if you don't take into account the multi-looped weaving. The home is created under certain circumstances, more often than not, in buildings shaped by traditions, trends and trends, but also accessible materials, the contractor's tools and equipment, and building regulations. Home is a place, it's a feeling, it's a collection of things, it's people and it's a smell. The home is a gradual event, always being shaped and implemented from day to day.

The talk is based on Sigrún Hanna's research on homes in student apartments. Sigrún Hanna is currently studying for a PhD in cultural heritage and craft studies at Gothenburg University in Sweden.