On the occasion of International Museum Day, 18 May at 16-17, Brynhildur Pálsdóttir, designer and another curator of SUND, will be guiding the exhibition.
The most important public good in Iceland lies in the hot water. The most interesting public spaces are the swimming pools. The pool culture is about quality of life and public health, sports, games, relaxation and entertainment, body culture, civilization and communication. Daily life has traditionally left its mark on the swimming pools and turned them into a fitness center, classroom, social home, playground and spa.

Many areas of design are involved in the pool culture. Architecture plays a key role and the development of the pools reflects a lively dialogue between architects and society. Graphic design, product design, fashion design and experiential design come together in the alley. The swimming pools are a community design: they have shaped the society, culture and body of the people in the country for more than a century. Community design is about creating well-being and improving people's daily lives, not about creating a commodity.