Museum Collection

Collections of the Museum of Design and Applied Art

The founding charter of the Museum of Design and Applied Art states that the Museum is to collect and preserve the part of Icelandic cultural history encompassing design, especially from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. Since its foundation in 1998 the Museum has received regular acquisitions. A large part of the collection comprises gifts, while the Museum also strives to purchase objects of importance in Icelandic design history.

Working drawings and documents

The Museum hopes that, with the united support of the design community, the public and those working in the museum sector, the Museum’s collection and activities will be developed, so that a good basis will be created at all times for promulgation of knowledge in accord with the aims of the Museum.

The Museum collects not only design objects, but also working drawings and other documents relating to the work of designers in Iceland. Thus the Museum urges designers and architects to get in touch and discuss permanent archiving of such documents.


The Museum places great importance on collecting information and documents on Icelandic designers and architects. Designers are urged to send the Museum their c.v. along with photos of their designs and information on their major works. The Design Archive provides source material for scholars, curators of exhibitions and Museum staff in research on Icelandic design history and in preparation of exhibitions. The Archive is not open to the public.

Photos of objects and projects sent to the Museum by designers may only be published by specific permission of the relevant designer or his/her heirs.