Loop language

It is sometimes difficult to put into words the feelings invoked by something that moves us; but words are only one means of communication. We can also communicate using facial expression or posture, and likewise, the mind and the handscan together create a powerful language—a manual language.

All creations, big and small, are expressions of this manual language, steered by the mind. Though, as objects,these creations might appear speechless,they are in fact brimming with stories.

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Chance Encounters

Towards modernity in Icelandic design The Museum of Design and Applied Art’s summer exhibition focuses on a few aspects of the arrival of modernism in Icelandic domestic interiors from about 1930 and into the 1980s. The majority of the objects exhibited here are from the museum’s own collection, along with some from other Icelandic museums and private owners.

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Our Objects

Since its foundation in 1998, the Museum of Design and Applied Art has collected numerous artifacts of high quality that shed light on Icelandic design. The collection now reflects the diversity of the various sectors within the field of design. Icelandic furniture, particularly chairs, comprise the largest part of the collection.

Today, the museum houses around 1,200 objects; among these artifacts are important works by foreign designers, mostly from Scandinavia, given our shared cultural background.

Harpa Þórsdóttir, Director

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