Jewelry artist Helga Ragnhildur Mogensen, ceramic artist Bjarni Viðar Sigurðsson and fashion designer Anita Hirlekar have received deserved attention for their works in recent years. The designers’ common denominator is their unique way to explore the very limits of the medium they work in, often resulting in very powerful pieces where surface and texture play key roles.

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Our upcoming exhibition TRIAD opens on Wednesday 9th of March at 5pm. On show are works from three dynamic Icelandic designers, Fashion Designer Anita Hirlekar, Ceramicist Bjarni Vidar Sigurdsson and Jewellery Artist Helga Ragnhildur Mogensen. While we are preparing TRIAD for DesignMarch  you can visit us, we have KEEPERS running in our exhibition space, works from our collection!

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Loop language

It is sometimes difficult to put into words the feelings invoked by something that moves us; but words are only one means of communication. We can also communicate using facial expression or posture, and likewise, the mind and the handscan together create a powerful language—a manual language.

All creations, big and small, are expressions of this manual language, steered by the mind. Though, as objects,these creations might appear speechless,they are in fact brimming with stories.

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