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Something to write home about

The story of a fleeting moment, a depiction of a moment in Icelandic product design over the past decade; the infancy of this discipline in times of transformation. We probe into the ideology of select designers from this time period, their collaborations across disciplines and cultural dialogues. In an environment without a traditional industry or even market, experiments and probes in new directions take on various forms.

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Heimar - Kosmos

Dögg is an important representative of a growing group of Icelandic product designers who work with international manufacturers. Her varied designs reflect experiments with new materials from Icelandic sources. Armed with a powerful creative urge and a determination to find innovative uses for her materials, she often brings forth unexpected results. Dögg’s designs have a strong link to Icelandic heritage. She seeks inspiration in Iceland’s diverse landscapes and traditional craftsmanship, which she fuses together in new and exciting ways.

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Sigga Heimis

An overview of the work by this fascinating Icelandic product designer who has been making products that range from tiny utensils to complete series. Sigga Heimis has been working for companies such as IKEA, Fritz Hansen and Vitra Museum with joy and utility as her concept. The exhibition provides a view of the work of the industrial designer who works in the international context and gives us the story behind the objects.

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