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Guðjón Samúelsson (1887-1950)

The University chair, 1939-1940


Any yule lad at all would look good in this chair. But today Candle - Beggar is the one who enjoys it.

Guðjón Samúelsson, designed the chair for the University of Iceland. It is very likely that the students that sat in these chairs and took exams in December thought home and looked forward to eating smokled lamb and ris a la mande.


We at the Museum of Design and Applied Art wish you a very happy holidays!

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Kristín Þorkelsdóttir (1936)

Álafoss (wool fabric) ogOsta og smjörsalan sf. (Cheese and butter shop), 1968;1969


Wool and butter, there is simply no way one can have Christmas without these products. At least not here in the north. Christmas cookies that fly into hungry people running from store to store or the wool mittens that warm up cold fingers.

No.. there is no way!


Kristín Þorkelsdóttir is one of Icelands main grafic designers. She has designed many logos, made countless of advertisements and last but not least she designed the money we use so much of this time of year.

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Hulda Jósefsdóttir (1930)

Vaka, 2009


Soft presents... aren‘t they best for younger siblings that misbehave?

Although the soft parcels are not the most popular ones, they are vital to survival in Christmas time, since if you do not get one you will surely run into the Christmas Cat!


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Unnur Valdís Kristjánsdóttir (1972)

Float, 2011


Float sparkles like a star in the dark. To float in a warm swimming pool and gaze up into the starry sky is a powerful feeling.

What star did the three wise men follow? These days you can see Jupiter shine bright in the morningsky, you can even see his moons through a normal binoculars!


Unnur Valdís designed Float as a water therapy product, focusing on a deep and relaxing water experience.

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Framtíðin hf.

lambskin jacket, 1970-1975


„Nú er frost á fróni...” (It freezing in Iceland) This lyric is not a part of a Christmas carol, but is about the ice cold winters in Iceland. Many have probably hummed this song these past few days. But if you are going to hand out all of the Christmas gifts this year it is better to dress according to the weather. Then it is not so bad to have a warm lambskin coat to put over your sholders.

The lambskin jacket is from „the Future“ (Framtíðin) (1934-1987) that was a clothes store which The Meat Packers Association of Southern Iceland used to run. 

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Sigrún Ó. Einarsdóttir (1952)

Duo olgalines, 2008


Fozen santa hat? Fossilised color?

Release your imagination, too seldom it gets to race around! If you are plagued by stress in the Christmas season then it can be soothing to just look at, contemplate and experience abstract things like the Olgalines.


Glass in Bergvík was the first hot-glass workshop in Iceland. It was established in 1982 by Sigrún and her husband Søren S. Larsen (1946-2003).

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Jan Davidsson (1945)

Don Cano, ca.1980


The Don Cano track suits were a huge hit in Iceland in the eighties. Designed by Jan Davidsson, (later head of the design department at 66°North). The suits were considered to be comfortable, refreshingly colorful and fun. Everybody wore them, from break dancers to respectable ladies.

Perhaps it would not have been so strange, in those days, if someone wore a purple Don Cano with red high heels to the Christmas buffet...... or what do you think?


The Museum of Design and Applied Art has searched for different types of the Don Cano suits for a long time, with limited luck, since people wore them absolutely out.

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Harri Koskinen (1970)

Block lamp, 1996

Design House Stockholm


Block lamp is from Finland, where the reindeers and Santa Claus live... according to reliable sources.  Perhaps he lights up his workshop with these kinds of Block lamps?

We here in Iceland do not have to envy the Finnish people of their one Santa Claus plus reindeers. We have our hands full with the 13 mischievous brothers, their parents and their horrible dangerous pet!

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Óli Jóhann Ásmundsson (1940)

Litle-Loki, 2001

Fagus ehf.


Today Stúfur (the smallest of the yule lads) comes to town. Maybe he has a folding chair like this one, to rest his legs between putting the gifts in the shoes?

Óli Jóhann designed the chair so that very little material would go to waste and that it would be easy to fold it together.


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Tinna Gunnarsdóttir (1968)

Square, street, line, 1992


It seems as though the stool is jumping around from excitement.

Who hasn‘t had butterflies in the stomach on Christmas Eve (Icelanders open the presents on the eve of the 24th) when waiting for a permission to open the first presents.

The stool is a part of Tinna‘s graduation project. Where she sought inspiration from the hustle and bustle of the bic city, where everything interacts.

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